Trua living room furniture collection


Bench TRU301 Trua

TRU301 Trua bench The TRU301 Trua bench is a comfortab..
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Chair TRU302 Trua

Chair TRU302 Trua TRU302 Trua is a comfortable, functi..
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Chest of drawers TRU 501 Trua

Chest of drawers TRU501 Trua TRU501 Trua chest of dra..
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Dining table TRU101 Trua

TRU101 Trua dining table TRU101 Trua Table is a sleek ..
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Shelf high TRU503 Trua

High shelving unit TRU503 Trua The TRU503 Trua a high ..
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Side table TRU102 Trua

TRU102 Trua side table TRU102 Trua side table is a sle..
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TV stand TRU502 Trua

TV stand TRU502 Trua TV cabinet TRU502 Trua - a wide c..
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Trua living room furniture collection

Trua Living Room - perfectly thought-out design with graceful top overlays combined with rounded solid oak legs will create a calming calm atmosphere, providing practicality and attractiveness of furniture both in the apartment and in the country house. The main advantages of the collection, revealing its beauty, are clear lines and thoughtful details. The simple yet distinctive style with soft curves and comfortable fittings is the perfect option for a practical modern coziness with an elegant appeal.