Corner sofas


Corner sofa ANGEL 288

Corner sofa ANGEL 288 Comfortable and elegant with a g..
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Corner sofa ANGEL 308

Corner sofa ANGEL 308 Comfortable and elegant with a g..
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Corner sofa ATLANTIC 250

Corner sofa ATLANTIC 250 A quality combination of funct..
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Corner sofa ATLANTIC 270

Corner sofa ATLANTIC 270 A quality combination of funct..
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Corner sofa ATLANTIC MAX 250 right

Corner sofa ATLANTIC MAX 250 right A quality combinatio..
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Corner sofa ATLANTIC MAX 270

Corner sofa ATLANTIC MAX 270 A quality combination of f..
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Corner sofa BRAVO

BRAVO corner sofa The BRAVO corner sofa is a magnificen..
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Corner sofa BRAVO MAX universal (left/right) with audio equipment

BRAVO MAX corner sofa The BRAVO MAX corner sofa is a ma..
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Corner sofa BRAVO MEGA

BRAVO MEGA corner sofa The BRAVO MEGA corner sofa is a ..
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Corner sofa BRAVO MINI

BRAVO MINI corner sofa BRAVO MINI corner sofa for small..
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Corner sofa BRUTO

BRUTO corner sofa BRUTO sofa is a modern stylish model...
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Corner sofa DELUX

DELUX corner sofa DELUX corner sofa, clear lines and sh..
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Corner sofa DELUX MAX

DELUX MAX corner sofa Corner sofa DELUX MAX, clear line..
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Corner sofa DOMINO

DOMINO corner sofa Minimalism and conciseness in every ..
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Corner sofa ELEGANT

Corner sofa ELEGANT The ELEGANT corner sofa has a discr..
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Living room sofas in Ukraine

The living room is a place where relatives, friends, and invited guests gather in a company in honor of a holiday or other event. This part of the house should be comfortable and cozy. Some pieces of furniture create comfort for this place, for example, a soft sofa, on which everyone present can comfortably sit, and if the company is impressive, then you will need a large sofa.

What are the sofas

Sofas differ in size and shape, as well as in the materials from which they are made. The shape of the sofa can be straight, angular or modular. It is easy to buy sofas for the living room by placing an order on the website of the Baltic Home online store. Our experts will be able to choose the model you need in terms of size, functionality, filler, color and upholstery material, suitable for your interior, so that the chosen model fits harmoniously into your living room.

The Baltic House furniture store catalog offers its customers a large selection of modern sofas for every taste and budget. In our catalog there are sofas consisting of a single structure and with a folding function for a berth, modular sofas - with which you can create your own furniture composition and compact models, premium leather sofas and products for an average income.

How to choose the right model

When choosing a sofa, first of all, you should pay attention to what material the frame is made of, it should be wooden or metal, as this ensures the reliability and durability of the product. Secondly, it is very important what kind of filler is used in the manufacture of the sofa, since if you choose a sofa in the living room for sleeping, then the filler material will need dense and elastic in order for the product to serve you for a long time.

The sofas from the Baltic Home company are made of high quality materials: the frames are made of MDF, chipboard and wood, and the upholstery is made of durable fabric and leather. Such products look elegant and presentable, and can also be in harmony with other pieces of furniture in the setting of any modern interior.

Where to buy sofas in the living room