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Special Offers

ATLANTIC corner sofa bed 2700x1780 (right corner)

Corner sofa ATLANTIC 270 right A quality combination o..
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113 204 uah

BRAVO corner sofa 3300/1850 without mechanism (right corner)

BRAVO corner sofa right The BRAVO corner sofa is a mag..
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130 813 uah

IMPULSE MEGA corner sofa bed (left corner)

Corner sofa IMPULSE MEGA left IMPULSE MEGA corner sofa..
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193 057 uah

JAZZ corner sofa (left corner) without mechanism

Corner sofa JAZZ The up-to-date design will satisfy th..
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117 163 uah

KOPA sofa bed

SOFA KOPA Sofa KOPA laconic and strict sofa combines ..
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51 779 uah

MAGRE-33 corner sofa bed (right corner) 2800х1550

Corner sofa MAGRE-33 280 right with mechanism Corner s..
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109 200 uah

MAGRE-9 corner sofa (right corner) 3100х2130 without mechanism

Corner sofa MAGRE-9 310 right without mechanism Corne..
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147 875 uah

RUBIN MAX sofa bed (right corner)

Sofa RUBIN MAX right with mechanism The RUBIN MAX sofa..
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81 900 uah

FEJA double bed 1600x2000 V2

Bed FEJA 160 Because of lifting hinges, the top segment..
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46 092 uah

FORTUNA double bed with mattress 1600x2000

Bed FORTUNA MAX 160 Exceptional design for exceptionall..
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89 317 uah

SVAJA double bed 1800x2000 V2

Bed SVAJA 180 Because of lifting hinges, the top segmen..
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46 638 uah

SMART coffee table H475

Coffee table SMART 68 plywood The up-to-date design wil..
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8 418 uah

TV stand COL515 Coelo

TV cabinet COL515 Ice white/oil Characteristic: Width:..
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33 807 uah

Writing desk Type MIL402 Milan (walnut)

Writing desk MIL 402 Milan (walnut) Characteristic: ..
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56 420 uah

Special Offers

DOMINO TV chest of drawers

TV stand DOMINO Characteristic: Width: 142,6 cm Heig..
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40 177 uah

LORD armchair

LORD easy chair LORD is a wide chair with a deep seat..
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35 172 uah

Low chest of drawers Verta

Low chest of drawers Verta Characteristic: Width: 161..
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43 600 uah

Dressing table Verta

High chest of drawers Verta Characteristic: Width: 11..
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32 000 uah

Bookcase Type 07 Tirol vanilla patina

Bookcase Type 07 Tirol vanilla patinaCharacteristic:Wid..
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10 465 uah

living room

Laval living room The living room consists of: Showca..
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54 145 uah

GRETA armchair with circle, Avanti 15 (2 cat.)

GRETA easy chair in a circle Кресло GRETA is the perfe..
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45 773 uah

European manufacturers

Baltic House presents home furniture from leading Lithuanian companies on the Ukrainian market manufacturers. In our salons you can see stylish modern upholstered furniture, a wide range of cabinet furniture from European Art Nouveau to English classics. Our company offers furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, upholstered furniture, as well as furniture for children. Baltic House furniture is created European designers for people confident in the future.

In branded salons we will show you the concept of design of living rooms and dining groups, bedrooms and children's rooms in line with the latest trends in European furniture fashion. Proposed by us concept furniture will allow you to arrange your house or apartment as a harmonious, integral space.