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How to arrange furniture yourself according to the rules of interior composition?

What styles of interior solutions are currently relevant and in fashion? If you have not considered all the options, the combination of finishing materials, paints, the location of sockets, switches, windows and doors, you can get only a rambling set of objects. Indeed, just like the colors in the picture or the notes in the melody, the pieces of furniture in the interior should be connected.

Baltic Home offers its clients the service of designing a room, apartment, house using only furniture and accessories ™ Baltic House. When ordering furniture from 50,000 UAH. this service “design solutions” is provided free of charge. When placing an order, it is lower than UAH 50,000. You can order the service of a design solution for 400 UAH.

What is included in the “design solution” service?

1. Variants of planning solutions with furniture arrangement (1-3) options.

2. Collage of the stylistic solution of the apartment (room) - color, combination of materials, decors.

3. Specification of furniture in the project (additional materials - curtains, wallpaper, light)

4. Visualization of the interior of the apartment (room) in the sketchup program

5. Measurement of an apartment or house (for placement and planning recommendations, taking into account sockets and existing conclusions, etc.)

6. Consultation on the selection of floor and wall finishing materials recommended for furniture. You can order the service by contacting us by phone, email, or write a message in the chat, as well as in our Baltic House ™ furniture showrooms in Kiev.