• Buy corner sofa TAJUS 225
  • Buy corner sofa TAJUS 225
  • Buy corner sofa TAJUS 225
  • Buy corner sofa TAJUS 225
  • Buy corner sofa TAJUS 225
  • Buy corner sofa TAJUS 225


Buy corner sofa TAJUS 225

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Corner sofa TAJUS 225

With integrated automated relaxation mechanism. This function ensures the maximal comfort and convenient sitting sense. By using convenient handles you will easy unfold this piece of furniture into a desirable sitting position. One sitting part is equipped with even two motors of the mechanism, the one controls feet’s position, the other – the back and the head. The furniture controlled automatically will allow the most convenient sitting position because the mechanism can stop in any position.


Width: 225 cm

Depth: 150 cm

Height: 78 cm

Sleeping place: with rest mechanism.

Legs material: metal

Selecting a fabric category

1 fabric category

2 fabric category

3 fabric category

4 fabric category

Selecting a skin category

1 skin category

2 skin category

Main parameters

225 cm
78 cm
150 cm
Transformation mechanism:
without sleeping mechanism, with rest mechanism.
Country of origin:

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