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Skladanka furniture collection

mark Bed O-L-003 Skladanka

Bed O-L-003 Skladanka

11,269 грн.
Width 126 cm
Height 104,5 cm
mark Bed OL-009/2 Skladanka

Bed OL-009/2 Skladanka

18,858 грн.
Width 95,5 cm
Height 199,6 cm
mark Children's Type 001 Skladanka white

Children's Type 001 Skladanka white

76,929 грн.
Material Material: Body: Chipboard Swisspan Facade: MDF painted with a combination of wood-textured chipboard Swisspan natur, stencil drawing with milled patina.
Colour white
mark Curbstone O-T-005 Skladanka

Curbstone O-T-005 Skladanka

2,553 грн.
Width 45 cm
Height 32,5 cm
mark Curbstone О-Т-004 Skladanka

Curbstone О-Т-004 Skladanka

6,820 грн.
Width 45 cm
Height 62 cm
mark Ladder O-DR-001 Skladanka

Ladder O-DR-001 Skladanka

12,283 грн.
Width 42 cm
Height 153 cm
mark Pencil case O-P-003-3 Skladanka

Pencil case O-P-003-3 Skladanka

8,988 грн.
Width 45 cm
Height 198 cm
mark Table О-ST-002 Skladanka

Table О-ST-002 Skladanka

3,694 грн.
Width 130,5 cm
Height 75,2 cm
mark Wardrobe О-SH-004 Skladanka

Wardrobe О-SH-004 Skladanka

12,464 грн.
Width 90 cm
Height 140 cm