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Buy bedroom ABJ01 Amore Ice white with patina

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icy white with patina

Bedroom Amore Ice white with patina consists of:

Bed ABJ115 Amore Ice white with patina - 1 pc.

Cabinet ABJ213 Amore Ice white with patina - 2 pc.

Wardrobe ABJ303 Amore Ice white with patina - 1 pc.

Mirror ABJ414 Amore Ice white with patina - 1 pc.



The body and the facade are made of solid wood and MDF

Color: Ice white with patina


Amore is a well-known collection of bedroom furniture, with a touch of Italian details from the past. The collection is made from natural wood and modern wood materials. This elegant collection features unique embellishments in the form of sculpted crests and curls, reed columns with brackets, tops and grooved bases. Drawers slide on practical metal runners, handles with antique brass finish in 19th century style and a very distinctive stable plinth. If you are tired of the city bustle with its technical progress and feel nostalgia for a quiet, light and cozy country life, then this light, unique bedroom is right for you.

Main parameters
Material birch tree, MDF
Colour icy white / patina

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