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Buy bedroom COL05 Coelo Ice white/oil

Price: 78,866 грн.
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Bedroom COL05 Coelo Ice white/oil

The Coelo bedroom consists of:

Mirror COL823 Coelo Ice white - 1 pc.

Bedside table COL803 Coelo Ice white/oil - 2 pc.

Chest of drawers COL805 Coelo Ice white/oil - 1 шт.

Bed COL811 Coelo Ice white/oil - 1 шт.


The body and facade are made of solid wood and MDF

Color: Ice white/oil

The Coelo furniture series are distinguished by their reliability, durability, overall beauty, and also they are environmentally friendly. The country style in which this collection is made is considered one of the most popular in the world.

Main parameters
Material solid oak, MDF
Colour icy white/oil

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